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During June and July 2015, we did the translation of a emotional eating book published in a digital version by The Blokehead. The original title, “Ending Emotional Eating : Tips And Strategies To Stop Emotional Eating In 30 Days” became: “Cessez de manger vos émotions : trucs et stratégies pour mettre fin à l’alimentation émotionnelle en 30 jours”.

This book talks about food cravings and the different reasons why some of us eat compulsively when they have strong emotions. The author indicates the emotions which more often cause cravings, he mentions several tips to help the readers managing better their emotions and taking healthy eating habits. For obvious copyright reasons, I can’t copy a sample here. However, I invite you to get this digital book.



You can purchase the French version on several sites:


Happy reading!



Mariko Beaupré


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