As we signed confidentiallity contracts for most of our madates, we can't show them all here. Nonetheless, you will find here a few examples of our recent projects.


Recipe Translation

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We frequently translate recipes. Among others, in 2014 we translated to French a tiramisu recipe for the for the culinary blog La Grosse Gueule. To read this tiramisu recipe and it’s French translation, open  this document.


Song Translation

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Here is the translation of a song from R. Joncas on which I worked on in 2013. The difficulty of the project was keeping the same number of syllables on each line of the original version. I had to not only translate the sense and the style, but also the rythm and the musicality.

book translation

Translation of a book about emotional eating

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During June and July 2015, we did the translation of a emotional eating book published in a digital version by The Blokehead. The original title, “Ending Emotional Eating : Tips And Strategies To Stop Emotional Eating In 30 Days” became: “Cessez de manger vos émotions : trucs et stratégies pour mettre fin à l’alimentation émotionnelle en… Read more »


Reviewing the translation of a children’s book

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In May 2014, I collaborated on the translation of a children’s book. La Hormiga Solitaria, (La fourmi solitaire) is the story of an ant who suffers bullying and who succeeds in getting loved. My colleague Maya Majzoub did the translation from Spanish to French of the book La Hormiga Solitaria, and I did prooread her translation. The French digital… Read more »


Creative Writing

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In my free time, I work on my first short stories collection and I write a creative writing blog in French, Les Filles du Café Littéraire. I thought I’d share a post that shares a personnal story. Fiction writing and the writing of testimonials are two more strings to my bow! Perdre son manuscrit : un drame!… Read more »