Proofreading cover letters

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recherche d'emploi

Our clients often ask us to proofread their cover letters. In order to do so, we correct the spelling, mistaken grammar and bad syntax, and we rearrange the text to make it more idiomatic, serious, professional and formal.

Resume translation

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traduction CV

We are often called upon to translate resumes. Thanks to the numerous resumes we translated, we now have a great expertise for this type of document. Obviously, those documents are confidential, so we can’t share them here.

Translation of a meditation book

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We just begun the translation of a book talking about meditation and creativity. The book is called Meditation and creativity: always new, and it’s available in digital on Amazon. It was written by Halmyris, a Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher. This publication aims to provide the readers with meditation techniques to help them stimulate their creativity.  … Read more »